The APDM is managed by a standing committee that meets 1-2 times per year at ESRI Conference events such as the ESRI Petroleum User Group (PUG) and ESRI International User Conference. The committee meets as-needed to review the content and state of the model in the case that team decisions need to be made and if ESRI changes their core linear-referencing and network GIS functionality. Currently the committee members are:

APDM Standing Committee Co-Chairs

  • Tom Coolidge – ESRI Pipeline Industry Manager
  • Peter Veenstra – Willbros Engineering

APDM Standing Committee

  • Justin Anderson – Enbridge Houston
  • Jeff Allen – Coler and Colantonio
  • Patrick Baes – Global Information Systems
  • Ron Brush – New Century Software
  • Eric James – Colonial Pipeline
  • John Linehan – JP Kenny
  • Tracy Thorleifson – Eagle Information Management
  • 1 open position

All messages and information pertaining to APDM will be posted via the Linked-in APDM Forum